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Our Story

Inspired by the convenience and healthiness of home-cooking, good vibes of lively outdoor cookout, and the delicious taste of gourmet foods, Capt’n Cook team was inspired to bring a truly worry-free and versatile grilling experience for barbecue enthusiasts, food lovers, and passionate home cooks alike.

We are happy to bring the experience to people with the first all-in-one cookware including a grill, stove and oven. Offering double cooking areas, Ovenplus Salamander Grill expands the potential of a propane grill to serve nonstick top-down grilling, fast pizza baking, stir fry meals, and the ability to create dishes for 8 people in 15 minutes.

Our Vision

At Capt'n Cook, we're dedicated to creating an eco-friendly, high-performance grill that is virtually smokeless, energy-efficient, and user-friendly. Our OvenPlus Salamander Grill is designed to solve common issues with traditional grills, such as uneven cooking temperatures and excess smoke, making barbecuing a fun and enjoyable event for everyone.

Butterfly Burner

The Butterfly Burner is the heart of Ovenplus Salamander Grill. Unlike traditional tubular burners, it offers two main benefits: virtually smokeless and smart grilling. The Butterfly Burner features a horizontal orientation of the fire, minimizing fire contact with the food to increase cooking performance and quality.

Double Cooking Area

OvenPlus perfectly balances the functionality and efficiency with the special structural design. While pizza is baking in the upper layer, heat radiation from the Butterfly burner top-down grills the food in the lower oven.


Cooking Area

275.6 sq. in.

 Cooking Space

Energy Efficient

OvenPlus heats up from 32°F to 500°F in 10 minutes. 5 kg of gas tank can be used for 14 hours of cooking! Fuel is no longer an issue to your trip!


in 10mins


cooking by 5kg-gas tank

Smokeless Grilling

The burner is placed above the grate, which prevents fat from dripping on the burner, which significantly reduces the smoke that typically comes from grilling meat, offering a virtually smokeless grilling experience.

Perfect Steak
by OvenPlus

Overcooked Steak
by Regular Grill

Easy Grilling

The consistent cooking temperature lets you grill easily. Never worry about undercooked or overcooked meat again—every cut comes out juicy and tender!

World's 1st Double-deck Pizza Oven for Outdoor

CAPT’N COOK offers culinary solutions aiming to change the way people cook their food. We strive to deliver a healthy and enjoyable experience that brings friends and families together.

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