Grill everywhere with Capt'n Cook OvenPlus Double Deck Outdoor Pizza Oven

"When I first receive this grill, I thought I was probably gonna use it more for camping, but I found myself using it more and more just at home over the three weeks that I've had it."  -Jaxx Drinkwater


"So one of the cool things about this grill is your grill is down here which is where we will be doing those oysters this is a non-stick surface too but look at here inside comes with this pizza stone and you can actually cook pizza at the same time as you're cooking something else."



"All you would do is you put your pizza in there I think it'll cook a pizza in like three minutes on top then once it gets crispy down there you'll take it out on the pizza peel that comes with it so you reach in here to get your pizza out and then you open this up and you sit there and then that way it would melt the top of your pizza."



"I've already done pizza on this, chicken wings on this, I've even cooked steak on this and the steak is outstanding, gives pretty good grill marks actually."


Special Thanks Jaxx Drinkwater Southern Cooking & BBQ

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