Cook Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings with OvenPlus!

"OvenPlus has a stove a grill and an oven all in one. So I'll be multitasking grilling and baking the wings at the same time. I preheated my grill to 425 Fahrenheit and the fire is blazing hot just how I liked it." said Claudia.



"Try these amazing sweet and spicy baked chicken wings recipe, they are finger licking! I showed how to bake half of the wings, and the other half i showed how to grill them."



"One thing I like about this grill is that it doesn't smoke at all. It makes cooking indoor very easy. I also like how portable it is. You can take it anywhere like a nice barbecue or picnic."



"This grill and oven cooks food really really fast! It didn't take full 45 minutes. It took about only 20 minutes, which is really nice."

"Then I coated the wings in a flavorful sweet and spicy sauce. They Came out so delicious!

Cooking with OvenPlus is always easy. Get your own OvenPlus and make delicious sweet and spicy baked chicken wings!



Special Thanks "Cooking With Claudia" 

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